Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Morris Island Lighthouse

 On Sunday, we came home and took a nap....we're getting into a pretty good routine of getting a quick nap in after church so that we can go see stuff :)  Its nice though, I feel like sometimes, and especially with this job, you have to have a power nap!  I've been wanting to see Morris Island lighthouse, which is on Folley Beach, on the North end.  We didn't know that last time we came to Folley or we may have checked it out then, but that's ok.  Its a very old lighthouse, not in operation anymore.  Its so old that its out in the water now, because over time the erosion has taken it out to sea.  Its such a pretty place even though we didn't get to go inside it.
 There was some fun washed up wood that made picture taking more fun :)
 And the dolphins came to see us again!  I wish so bad I would have been by the shore line when we saw the dolphins because one of the dolphins was only about 8 feet from the sand, I could have waded out mid calf, and petted it!  I ran to see if they would stay, and if they would let me get closer but they were already moving along. 
 We're getting pretty good at taking pictures by ourselves!  We just set up the camera and run for it! :)
 It was a hot walk (about a block) to the beach but when we got here, it was so nice!  And it was just the two of us! No one was on this entire stretch of beach but us!
I'm getting ready to go home for a visit and I'm going to miss Kade a lot.  We have had a lot of fun together just hanging out, the two of us so it was nice that we got to spend time together all day!  And had we have known that there wasn't going to be any people we could have brought a picnic and planned a little better.  Oh well.  Still fun.
 I loved this old washed up wood.  It was fun to sit on and watch the dolphins swim by. 
I love lighthouses.  I think they are so pretty and they have such a great meaning behind them. They are to help those who are lost at sea, find their way back, they stand as a beacon, shining forth their light.  There are so many analogies of the lighthouse that we can relate to things in our lives, like letting our light shine to those around us to help bring them back to Christ.  Or looking to our Father in Heaven who shines through all the darkness of life.  Or, this particular lighthouse no longer has its light, which could mean, never let your testimony fade, make sure you keep it strong so that others don't look at you and loose theirs too....Lots of things can be related to a lighthouse.......I LOVE THEM!

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