Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Trip Home

 My trip home seemed to fly by! I don't know where it went!  It seemed like it would be such a long time that I was home (a month) but for some reason it just flew by!  It was long in some ways, like not seeing Kade was not fun.  But I got to do so much stuff that I miss during the summers in Utah.  I went horse riding, I went on the mountain, hung out with family, played with my dog, planted flowers, went yard saleing with my mom and lots of other things.  The above pic is of my dad and his sheep camp, he was invited to enter it into  the car show in Fountain Green.  Everyone loved it!  He has done such a good job with it, its so nice.  It was fun hanging out at the car show with my mom and dad.
 The mountain is so pretty in the spring/summer.  Its so green and TONS of flowers everywhere!  I miss it so much!!!! 
 I got to hang out with Trent and Cass while I was home and it was a LOT of fun!  She made us wraps one day and they were HUGE! So we had to get a pic of them!
 Of course the parade and festivities in Moroni are such a hit!  Its always something that my family enjoys!  I didn't quite know how this year would go with my grandpas house being sold.  The whole family used to just go to his house and hang out during the parade.  The people who bought the home are good friends of our family, and they INSISTED that my mom and dad come and sit on the swing on the porch of my grandpas old house. So it felt like it always has!  What sweet people! They made it so fun for our family again!
 Little Cooper is running around like crazy!!!! He's so big and I just love him!  :)  I enjoyed my family, the mountains, and just being home in my house!  It was so nice!  And the thunderstorms that came through while I was there were awesome! They smell so yummy.  And I loved yard selling with my mom.  We found so many good deals!  I got an old trunk for decorating my hselves in my living room, for $7.00!  I also picked us up a nice shovel for $2.00.  I got 2 boxes of beautiful, brand new, (wrapped in the original plasic) beaded garlands for my Christmas tree for $1.00 a box and a few other things!  And Cass found some snowboarding boots that had been worn a couple times, that looked like new, for $8.00! We had so much fun!  

 I took Shilo everywhere with me!  She loved it!  We went up on the mountain a few times and she of course heads straight for the water to swim!  Such a funny dog.
 I LOVE the flowers on the mountain.  They were all pretty much in bloom when I went home.  I love these yellow ones!  I want to transplant some of them into my yard....not sure how that would work, but I wouldn't care if these were everywhere in my yard, they are awesome!  I happened to get to go to the temple with my mom while I was home and saw these very yellow flowers on my way into the temple!
 another cabin pic
 Got to go to the fireworks with my family, and we all sat on the lawn and waited for the fireworks to start.  Snapped a quick pic of my beautiful sister!
The fireworks once again, didn't disappoint!
As much fun as I had at home, I was SOOOO happy to see Kade again!  When I first saw him at the airport in SC as he was pulling up in the car, I couldn't quit smiling!  And then a HUGE, LONG HUG followed!  It kinda was long without him:(   I'm glad I had my family to keep me busy.  Sure do love this boy, and Im so glad we are back together again, don't know what I would do without him!  And I know he's glad to be getting cooked for, laundry done, and house cleaned :) Now we only have 7 weeks left and I know its going to fly!  Good times!