Friday, October 26, 2012


 I feel like there have about a million billion trillion gazillion things going on!  Life is super busy and crazy and FUN! We are loving it so much!  And this post is long over due and I have other posts that are just going to have to wait.  Too many things and not enough time I guess.  But what a blessing it is to be busy and to be close to family, and just enjoy the craziness of life! I LOVE IT!!!  We have been doing more guided hunts, BOTTLING BOTTLING AND MORE BOTTLING!, Getting loads of wood, doing hair, going to football games, LOTS OF YARD WORK, taking pictures,  and just hanging out with family!  I know I'm missing half of the list, but thats what I remember right off the top of my head :)
So this post, I've been meaning to put up for quite a while now.  About a month ago we had a fun time going to our family cabin and hanging out with our good friends Gordon and Trisha and John and Nancy, and of course their adorable kids!  The are such good friends to us, we've all decided that we are pretty much family because we spend so much time together during the summer, and we're all so comfortable around each other......maybe the boys are a little too comfortable!!  Haha!  And I love Trisha and Nancy to death, they are some of my very best friends.   I'm so glad they are there for me during the summer, in the moments when the summer seems long. 
The above pic is of our sleeping arrangement! haha! We decided to pile in the loft upstairs of the cabin, and we actually slept pretty good.  Better than I had expected, but I think Trisha may not have had the same experience:( because she was up with Camden a bit.   The best part of the night was before we actually went to bed, all the kids were to sleep and the adults just stayed up talking about all of our crazy adventures together!  I love when we all get laughing and can't stop! :)
 We had a lot of fun!  We kicked off the trip with a good camp fire and some smores!  It was a nice weekend to go! The weather cooperated very nicely.
 Josh and Tyler in their jamies after they woke up.
 Kade helped Josh catch his first fish!  They were pretty happy boys!
John and Nancy and their family enjoying the paddle boats!
 Gordon and Trisha and family taking a 4-wheeler ride!
 Kade and I hanging out by the pond, watching Shilo swim.
 So.......this was quite the tramatic experience for Sydney (Nancy's dog).  Shilo had caught two mice in the pond earlier that day, she would sniff them out of their holes, and they would jump into the pond and swim for their lives....well, she loved the game and would jump in and grab the mice and bring them to shore.....LIVE BAIT!  And of course, we encouraged her to "get the mice!" and she would do it.  Well........John decided to throw Sydney into the water to see if she would swim (Sydney doesn't seem to like the water).  Well as soon as Shilo heard the splash of Sydney being thrown into the water, she was all over that idea, and pretty much tried to down Sydney!  She must have thought Sydney was another mouse or something :( 
 Poor Sydney :(  She's like half her size when she is wet!  She's a little fur ball when she's dry. 
We took a long 4-wheeler ride up over the cabin hill, which was really fun.  Shilo ran the entire way up the hill along side the 4-wheelers, which is a huge hill!  She looked like she was going to die when we got their! But she sure has a lot of endurance.  So I let her ride next to me on the 4-wheeler on the way down, and she didn't hesitate for the ride :)
Good times!  Definately going to have to make that a yearly trip, if not more :)


Mike and Jennie said...

That looks like a blast. We miss you guys and hope you can make it tomorrow! Glad life is so great for you.

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